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Storytelling Machine

Original Concept + Creative Director ~ Betty Sargeant

The Storytelling Machine had its debut at the Asia Culture Centre (Korea, 2016). It will be exhibited at Geelong After Dark (Australia, 5th May 2017) and an exhibition of How to Make a Storytelling Machine will be at St Kilda Library (Australia, 13-21st May 2017).

The machine instantly transforms the public's drawings into animated characters that roam the artwork's video worlds

Storytelling Machine

Ultimately this artwork presents a collective story

An imprint of what it's like to live in a digitally connected culture

Storytelling Machine

The Storytelling Machine randomly displays audiences' drawings & story texts, consequently each exhibition experience is unique

This machine's customised software was created in TouchDesigner

The machine generates realtime graphics across seven screens using one computer and seven HD projectors

Storytelling Machine

This project involves public workshops and exhibitions

The Storytelling Machine is due to be exhibited at the Geelong After Dark Festival (Australia, 5 May 2017)

How to Make a Storytelling Machine is a digital showcase that will be featured during Betty's artist-in-residence period at the St Kilda Library (Australia, 13-21 May 2017)

Betty Sargeant ~ Original Concept + Creative Director

Justin Dwyer ~ Technical Director

Peter Walker ~ Creative Coder

Andrew Ogburn ~ Music Composer + Audio Engineer

The Storytelling Machine, Gwangju exhibition was co-produced under sponsorship from the Asia Culture Centre and the ACI.

The development of The Storytelling Machine was supported by the City of Melbourne; the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria; the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund; the City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund and the Exertion Games Lab.

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